IDC Technology Predictions at Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020

In December IDC joined Micro Focus India in presenting Micro Focus Technology Horoscope 2020, at Mumbai and Bengaluru. This event previewed IDC’s Futurescape predictions for the IT industry covering the next 5 years. In brief the predicted trends are:

  • Digital Innovation Factories: By 2025, nearly two-thirds of enterprises will be prolific software producers with code deployed daily, over 90 percent of new apps cloud native, 80 percent of code externally sourced and there will be 1.6 times more developers.

  • Inescapable AI: By 2025, at least 90 percent of new enterprise apps will embed AI; by 2024, over 50 percent of user interface interactions will use AI-enabled computer vision, speech, natural language processing and AR/VR.

  • Trust is Promoted: By 2023, 50 percent of the Global 2000 organisations (G2000) will name a Chief Trust Officer, who orchestrates trust across functions including security, finance, HR, risk, sales, production and legal

  • Connected Clouds: By 2022, 70 percent of enterprises will integrate cloud management — across their public and private clouds.

  • Hasten to Innovation: By 2024, over 50 percent of all IT spending will be directly for digital transformation and innovation.

  • Edge Build-out: By 2023, over 50 percent of new enterprise IT infrastructure deployed will be at the edge rather than corporate data centres.

  • Industry Apps Explosion: By 2023, over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches.

  • Every Enterprise is a Platform: By 2023, 60 percent of the G2000 will have a digital developer ecosystem with thousands of developers.

  • Multi-industry Mashups: By 2025, 20 percent of revenue growth will come from ‘white space’ offerings that combine digital services from previously unlinked industries, and 1/5th of partners are from previously unlinked industries.

  • Tech Platform Wars: By 2023, the top 5 public cloud mega platforms will consolidate at least 75 percent of IaaS + PaaS market share.

Genufa Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer at Micro Focus said “We enable customers to continue at speed while bridging existing and emerging technologies all while securing identities, applications and data. To be successful at digital transformation, you have to be able to transform while optimizing your business – you can’t choose one over the other.”

With it’s solutions including predictive analytics, Hybrid cloud management, Enterprise DevOps and its Security, Risk and Governance portfolio Micro Focus is well placed as a ‘one stop shop’ for organisations seeking to take advantage of digital transformation.