Open Horizons is a community based organisation bringing together people with a shared interest in the Micro Focus range of products and solutions.  Contributors include customers, partners and Micro Focus staff.


Open Horizons can trace it's routes back to the mid-1990's when GroupWise User Groups were established in the UK and Germany and other countries around Europe. Over time these groups expanded and interests covered more Novell applications and solutions.  In the early 2000's the groups came together to form Open Horizons.


Now the organisation is more focused on specific projects such as the Open Horizons Summit, Magazine and Specialist training.

Open Horizons Summit

Open Horizons Summit is the community's annual festival of training, knowledge transfer and much much more.  The 2019 and 2018 events were held in Berlin and were the biggest yet, averaging 500 attendees over 4 days of sessions covering all Micro Focus solution portfolios.


The Summits were held in Budapest between 2013-2017 and have legendary status within the community.  They focused more on collaboration, endpoint management, file services and operating systems and latterly security solutions.


For more information about the Summits  please go to where you can also find out what is happening next.


Open Horizons has developed an excellent reputation for providing classroom based technical training on GroupWise, Vibe and Filr.


Diethmar Rimser has been providing training now for many years and knows these products inside-out but still manages to provide fresh insights on what is important and how best to do it! 


Training on identity management and information governance can also be provided.


To enquire about the training schedule or to discuss your requirements please contact diethmar.rimser(at)