Ask The Experts: How to delete a user from the GMS database without DSAPP

DSAPP is the goto tool aimed to help customers and engineers troubleshoot and solve common support issues with the GroupWise Mobility Service (GMS). If it’s not available for use then you have to revert to more basic methods. Here is the method to use to delete a user from the GMS database.

First remove the user from GMS in the GMS Admin Console, or by removing from the necessary group. Ensure that the user account is no longer visible in the GMS Admin Console.  Then you need to remove the user from the GMS Postgres database using psql.

Note: Make sure to type the semi-colon (;) at the end of each command line when in psql.

1Open a terminal window to the GMS server.
2Enter the command psql -U datasync_user datasync
3Enter the password for the database user, datasync.
4Type the command select dn from targets;
5Check if the user is present in the listed user list. Copy the entry for that user.
6Use the command to delete the user from the datasync database using the user id copied from step 5 instead of 'userone.po1.dom1'. delete from targets where dn='userone.po1.dom1’;
7 Then enter the command replacing userid with the user account name. select * from "objectMappings" where "objectID" like '%userid%';
8 If entries are seen for that user then enter the following command replacing userid with the user account name. delete from "objectMappings" where "objectID" like '%userID%';
9 Exit the database by typing \q
10 Restart GMS

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