Ask The Experts: GroupWise [44]

Here are some GroupWise questions that I have come across recently.  I trust my answers help your systems to run better.

Q:  SOAP threads are causing my Post Office Agent to crash.  How can I prevent this?

A:  First ensure you obtain the latest build of GroupWise.  As of writing this article the latest FTF build, available via Service Request, is 18.1.x 134406.  A new switch has been added to the code.  To activate the switch add the following to the POA startup file:  --spawnsoap
Restart the POA after adding the switch.  Now, when the POA starts a separate process for SOAP will also start.  This can be observed when running the following command:

ps -ef | grep gwpoa

You will see two gwpoa processes running.  But one is specifically spawning the SOAP process.  You can identify which one it is as it looks something similar to what’s shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: Spawning a separate SOAP process for the POA

Note the “--runsoap” at the end of the second process line.  This is exactly what we want to see with the “--spawnsoap” switch added to the POA startup file.  With SOAP now running separately any crash it encounters will trigger an automatic restart of SOAP in a matter of seconds without affecting the POA.

Q:  I’m experiencing delays in items being delivered to mobile devices despite running GMS build 483 or higher.  What can I do to improve the situation?

A:  In some circumstances you might want to delete the existing index file and recreate it by following these steps:

1.   Login into PSQL and enter:

psql -U datasync_user mobility

<enter the database password when prompted>

2.   Check the device images table:

\d deviceimages

and if you see in the indexes section the following index:


This is might be the source of your problem and you must perform the following two steps to drop it and recreate it:

drop index “trgm_deviceIdextReferenceMap_idx”;

create index “trgm_deviceidextreferencemap_idx” on deviceimages using gist ((deviceid||’ ‘|| extreferencemap) gist_trgm_ops);

3.  Restart the GMS service. This should help the performance.

Q: Auto-Reply messages such as appointment accept and decline notifications are in English even though my Post Office language is not English. For example if the Post Office language is set to German.  How can I force auto-reply messages to be in the same language as my Post Office?

A:  Ensure you obtain the latest build of GroupWise.  The latest FTF build, available via Service Request, is 18.1.x 134406.  A new POA startup switch has been added to the POA code.  To force all auto-reply messages to be the same as the Post Office language add the following switch to the POA startup file - a restart of the POA is required.

Linux:  --useHostLangForNotification

Windows:     /useHostLangForNotification

Q:  I’ve installed the GroupWise 18.1.x client and buttons/icons are missing and information does not display correctly.  How can I fix this?

A:  Ensure that Internet Explorer 11 is installed on the computer and is fully patched.



This article first appeared in OH Magazine Issue 44, 2019.2, p38

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