TeamWorks is now a part of Filr Advanced


Official communication and an announcement is coming, but I did want to jump ahead of that and let you know of some changes being made that I am excited about and think is fantastic for our Collabaration community and our Filr customers.

If you are not familiar with TeamWorks, it is a real time chat based collaboration tool designed for Teams to work and communicate remotely.  You can create public and private rooms,  have real time conversations, share files and even co-edit documents online.  If you are not online the conversations in rooms are persistent and you can catch up with the conversations the next time you join the room. TeamWorks also supports web and mobile clients.  Until now TeamWorks was only available with Enterprise Messaging.

At Micro Focus we recognize that the workforce is rapidly evolving at an unprecedented rate.  The need to work remotely with co-workers has never been greater.   Filr and TeamWorks both have their own valuable contributions for co-workers to collaborate remotely,  bringing them together makes more sense now than ever.

Filr Advanced customers that are active on maintenance will soon have the ability to add TeamWorks to their environment.   If you are not currently a Filr Advanced customer, I have good news for you.  In addition to combining these products together,  Micro Focus is offering an extended trial period through our business continuity page, created to help organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now through September 30, 2020 anyone needing to provide the combined capabilities of Filr Advanced and TeamWorks can trial them for this extended period of time for free.  Please visit our business continuity offers page, scroll to the "Secure Remote Workers' Documents and Files" section and sign up.  You will get access to Filr, TeamWorks and an extended license.

I am excited to make TeamWorks available to more of our customers.  In this initial offering we are just bundling Filr and TeamWorks together,  in the future expect them to come closer and closer together.  

I hope all of our customer will take advantage of this promotion and start providing these services to your users today to help them be more effective and efficient  as they work remotely.   Keep an eye out here in the communities and watch your emails from Micro Focus for more information on these products coming together.

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