GroupWise Web Gets Its First Update

In GroupWise 18.2 Micro Focus was pleased to introduce the new GroupWise Web. GroupWise Web is built from the ground up based on the latest technology and has an updated UI to access your GroupWise mailbox on mobile, tablets, and desktops. It will eventually replace GroupWise Webaccess with the next release of GroupWise.

Prior to the 18.2 release and since then I have stated that with this new Web client we can release more often and push out features between releases of GroupWise. Earlier this week we made available the first update to GroupWise Web since the initial 18.2 release in tech preview.

In addition to the usual bug fixes and customer reported issues that come with any release, this release has 3 new features that were highly requested.

  • Users can now select “Keep me Logged in” If they want GW Web to automatically login.

  • Users can click on an email address in GW Web and it opens a compose window instead of the native mail handler

  • User can invite other users to scheduled meetings

These features are available in the tech preview now, and will be officially available in the GroupWise 18.2.1 release which is currently tracking to be available mid March.

For more information on the Tech Preview version of GW Web please visit:

For the official support version of GW Web please visit:

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