FCP delivers successful Collaboration for staff during uncertain times

FCP or FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH to give the company its full name is an international engineering consultancy with more than 300 staff and headquarters in Vienna. Its focus is on services in the fields of planning, static and structural design, project control, technical and financial control, check engineering, design management for all site progress related trades, detailed design, site supervision and project management, research and health & safety engineering.

A case study has recently been published based on FCP’s successful use of Micro Focus collaboration solutions – especially in the fast changing business world that Covid-19 has forced on us all. In brief FCP base their collaboration infrastructure on the use of GroupWise, Vibe, Filr, ZENworks suite and Open Enterprise Server. The advantages that they see are:

  • Ease of management with small IT team
  • Centralized file management with Filr containing 30TB of data and 20 million files
  • Fast response to COVID-19 related change in working practices
  • Minimal computing resources—entire infrastructure run from 4 servers

IT Director, Georg Fritsch is a longtime member and supporter of Open Horizons. He was invited by OH to talk about the role of Micro Focus Collaboration products during Micro Focus Universe 2019 in Vienna and again in 2020. You can view his latest talk here.

Regarding the response to Covid-19 Georg says “Thankfully, with the Micro Focus collaboration tools, we quickly expanded our group definitions, in particular for Micro Focus Filr and Vibe, added VPN connections, and using eDirectory to ensure GDPR data compliance, we had 95 percent of our staff remotely working within minutes.”







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