Special Offers from Micro Focus to Assist Remote Working

One effect of the Covid-19 virus pandemic is that many more people are working remotely from home. This is proving a challenging time for corporate IT departments to provide all the facilities required in a secure and timely fashion.

Micro Focus is assisting its customers, old and new, with a number of special offers that involve free licenses for specified time periods. In particular:

Filr: Securing Remote Workers' Documents and Files

As employees everywhere are moving to remote working, this increases the need for more convenient file access across devices. To help with the transition, Micro Focus is offering an unlimited license for Micro Focus Filr, the easy enterprise-ready sync-and-share solution with real-time collaborative file editing capabilities for use in production until 30 September 2020.

Zero Footprint Web Access to Host Applications

For users to remain productivewhen working from home, they will often need remote access to business-critical host and mainframe systems. Micro Focus Host Access for the Cloud provides secure, browser-based access to host systems. This true zero-footprint solution enables users to easily stay productive when they work from home. These are difficult times for organisations, so Micro Focus is offering Host Access for the Cloud at no charge until 31 July 2020.

Advanced Authentication for Remote Employees

Secure access to data and host systems is essential. To help with this challenge, Micro Focus is providing the unlimited edition of NetIQ Advanced Authentication that offers multi-factor authentication for your users.

Organizations can secure their users coming in through VPN, RADIUS, web portals, etc., as well as any internal requirements they may have, through this trial. This COVID-19-specific license enables the use of all Advanced Authentication features through to 31 July 2020.

There are further offers available on:

Voltage SecureMail

LoadRunner application scalability testing

Social Media Governance for Digital Safe Archiving.

For further information on all these special offers then please go to https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/businesscontinuity/covid-19


Stay Safe!

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