SKyPRO Komnicator 1.2: ‘No ONE Of Us Is As Smart As ALL Of Us’

Today the internet is connecting everybody and everything worldwide. On many different levels and protocols all of us are interconnected and working together, writes Horst Fuhrmann, CEO of SKyPRO.  The internet has made us collectively smarter. But we also have realised that one person alone cannot learn and know everything.

As management expert Ken Blanchard says: “No one of us is as smart as all of us”!  We need to reach out to people around us, learn from them and collaborate with them. When we collaborate efficiently then 1 + 1 is a lot more than just 2.


Ground zero of any collaboration is communication. Without communication no collaboration is possible. SKyPRO’s all embracing communication and collaboration tool Komnicator opens up new possibilities for communication and collaboration on many different platforms. It helps you to out-communicate your competition.

Your team, your partners and your customers should not have to change the way they work but you still need and want to effectively communicate with them.

Komnicator lets you communicate and collaborate on many different platforms simultaneously. It adds new functionality to your existing platforms by combining the advantages of the other platforms used. All information is saved in one place where it is easily searched and archived. A more detailed review will be published in issue 32 of Open Horizons Magazine.

The new Komnicator 1.2 will show you how:

  • Google can chat with Skype
  • Novell Messenger can send files
  • Facebook can use Dropbox
  • You can secure your line of Facebook
  • You can show them what you see in Novell Messenger
  • And much, much more ….

Komnicator 1.2 will be released on September 28th 2015.
Get your free copy of Komnicator at and start to out-communicate your competition. 

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