Micro Focus Service Desk 7.4 Released.

Micro Focus Service Desk 7.4 was released in May, writes Sharad Vasista. This is an important update because it enables key integration capabilities with ZENworks 2017 and provides several core enhancements we’ve received since the release of 7.3. These include:

  • Support for iOS bundles. Service Desk 7.4 allows you to import iOS and VPP bundles and list them as items in the store. This allows users to self-request iOS applications as well as log Service Requests and Incidents related to these.
  • Import of Mobile Devices. The ZENworks integration module has also been updated to support importing mobile devices that have been enrolled with ZENworks 2017. This allows users to quick find their mobile device when requesting assistance.
  • Improved store workflow. Service Desk 7.4 makes it possible to have both Success and Failure states in the store workflow when automated assignments are being used. This is something we heard from a number of you that wanted to use the store to allow self-provisioning of ZENworks bundles so that if the assignment failed, the store request could be put in a state that would cause the service desk to follow-up.
  • Item linking. When service requests come in, you often need to assign new items to a particular user. For instance, if someone put in a store request for a new iPhone, you will need to add that user as the owner of the new iPhone. Service Desk 7.4 provides a two-click way of making that assignment straight from the service request.

Service Desk 7.4 is a relatively small, but important update. In addition to these key new capabilities, it includes a number of customer reported defect fixes. We recommend that if you are using Service Desk in conjunction with ZENworks 2017 you update today!


This article was first published in OHM Issue 37 (2017/2), p19.


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