Micro Focus: A Leader in CyberSecurity

You may not realise it but Micro Focus is a major player in the cyber-security market place with a comprehensive set of solutions covering monitoring, threat detection, analytics, behavioural analysis and management tools. Link this with access and privilege management and a strong background in identity management then Micro Focus can be considered a one stop shop for cyber security.

SIEM solutions such as ArcSight is a leader in the market, recently strengthened with the addition of Interset that adds the user and behavioural analytics.

Defending your business and customers from increasingly complex cyber-attacks requires more than traditional security operations tools. A next-gen SOC (Security Operations Centre) requires a next-gen SIEM, an open, integrated platform that simplifies the delivery of layered analytics to help analysts identify and respond to threats faster than ever before.

Where do you begin? Start by viewing this series of Micro Focus' next-gen SOC videos. You'll learn about:

  • Establishing intelligent security operations

  • Minimizing exposure with a layered security analytics approach

  • Enhancing threat detection with correlation, machine learning, and threat hunting

  • And much more!

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