GW2014 Administration with cURL Scripts

One of the great features of GW2014 administration is the facility to script commands allowing you to retrieve or modify data at will. Tommy Mikkelsen's articles in this magazine (view them at have demonstrated the use of powershell and python for this purpose, making use of the GW2014 REST api.

There are other alternatives as well and Pam Robello, a member of the GroupWise team, has published some articles on Cool Solutions demonstrating the use of cURL.

cURL is a popular open source utility available for Linux, Windows, Mac platforms amongst others and even Netware - and can be downloaded from Curl is a command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, and supports most web protocols (e.g. http, smtp, ftp, imap). Do not confuse this utility with the curl language from It's completely separate and different.

The examples published on Cool Solutions include:

  • Clear the Login Disable setting for a user for GroupWise 2014
  • Export all user data to a csv file for GroupWise 2014
  • Change a user password for GroupWise 2014
  • Create user with specific FID for GroupWise 2014

The script to create the specific GW FID is shown below:


This article was first published in OHM29, p21, June 2015

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