FaxGwise: Constantly Improving Through Customer Feedback

These days individuals and organisations constantly adapt to newly emerging communication methods. Leaders communicate with their people via social media, toddlers get tablets for Christmas and everyone is online and reachable 24/7. However, there is one traditional way of exchanging information and documents that is still very important and necessary to many: fax. Yes, it’s true, this old fashioned communication channel is still widely used and necessary for many individuals and organisations to stay in touch with partners or customers or to stay compliant with legal regulations.

Adapting to new emerging communication methods is an important factor in running a successful business these days. At the same time one should not neglect the existing, more traditional communication that we still utilise and rely on – like faxing – that don’t have much in common with the modern ones from a technological prospective.

If you were born before the 90’s, you’ve probably already had to explain to one of your younger employees or colleagues what that grey box close to the office supply room is. You will explain to them that this is not an old piece of DJ-equipment making Techno or Dub-Step sounds, but a fax machine from where all the contracts and legal documents are being sent and received. Just at that moment you realise that faxing is, although very important, also very dated in the way it is being used and managed.

We at SKyPRO believe that in order to successfully integrate faxing into today’s operations and workflows it should be used in a modern and more efficient way. We believe the days of feeding ink and paper to grey boxes is long gone and embrace an area where all our incoming and outgoing documents are managed in the same way. There is no need to maintain connections on two different networks when we already have perfectly fine working IP environments.

Figure 1; The FaxGWise main window

A significant amount of today’s personal and business time is spent online, which allows us to live and work from different locations around the globe. Sending or receiving a fax should not be limited to that room where the fax machine stands, but be possible from the same places we send email. Just like we can send files or write a note from other programs or even devices we should be able to send a fax from anywhere.

From the administrative point of view we believe that faxing should be a centralised matter.  You should be able to monitor and manage faxes in one place. Especially since we know that faxes usually are legally binding, important documents we want to make sure they are managed and stored properly.  All these and many other little things that make a difference are factors we look at when we maintain FaxGwise.

FaxGwise is a server based fax system that is significantly easier to maintain, manage, update, keep compliant and running than having multiple stand-alone fax machine spread out in your environment. Regardless of the flexibility FaxGwise offers you, it is still a complex solution that can be overwhelming when setting up or running updates.

That is why we built our support service which is available 24/7 and ready to help you with any question or request you might have.  Our customers always come first, we strive to deliver the best software connected with the best service. Rest assured that our support and the complete SKyPRO team is here for you. Every day and 24h per day.

Figure 2: Faxing is as easy as printing

Your feedback, your suggestions and ideas lead to many of the useful features that make FaxGwise what it is today and will be tomorrow.  From experience we know that the best way to develop and to maintain practical software is to involve user feedback into the process.

From customers and prospects like you we get valuable input about what works, what could be improved and what is no longer needed.  Almost every new build of the FaxGwise client and server has new features implemented based on your comments.

Features like:

  • Backup manager
  • the new FaxGwise client printer
  • supporting different formats of the fax body
  • image support within the automated fax signature

are just a few of the countless features we implemented based on customer feedback.

Figure 3; Fax delivered to your mailbox

We encourage you to download FaxGwise today and get acquainted with faxing as it should be in 2017!

The newest FaxGwise client and server are available to download at http://www.skypro.eu/.

We also offer a Getting Started Promotion here at  www.skypro.eu/faxgwise/index.html which includes:

  • Free remote installation
  • Free 30 minute intensive training
  • Free 30 day FaxGwise software

With this offer you invest only a little time and can get started with a completely new way of managing, sending and receiving faxes.


This article was first published in OH Magazine Issue 36, 2017/1, p32-33.

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