Content Manager moves to a subscription model

Content Manager is an electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) that covers a broad range of use cases. In its simplest form, you can implement it as a document management system for a single business process in a single business unit. At the other end of the spectrum you can use it as a cornerstone for your enterprise information governance strategy. It integrates with line of business applications and processes across the whole organization, scaling to hundreds of millions of items under management and hundreds of thousands of users. Content Manager helps governments and organisations all over the world manage and protect information to maintain data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Content Manager has earned an enviable reputation after more than 30 years as a leading enterprise content management solution. It currently serves thousands of customers in the public and private sectors with more than two million licensed users all over the world. Now, Content Manager Select offers users an annual subscription to use Content Manager, with no additional support or maintenance fees. It also provides an enriched user experience with access to a range of modules along with free unlimited Inquiry user access.

Previously licensed separately, these powerful modules are critical in supporting the evolving data privacy initiatives and provide enhanced functionality. The modules include Auto-Classification, Rendering, Advanced Disposal Processing, Data Warehousing, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Content Manager Select provides information governance: it classifies content and records automatically, based on detailed categories. It uses a manage-in-place framework to apply holds to content in external repositories, eliminating the need to migrate it to a central repository. When on hold, the product takes control over the content’s retention and security.

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