Building A Million User GroupWise System

At the Open Horizons Summit last year I was asked if GroupWise 2014 could support over a million users.  Now the largest Production system I have seen was in Scandinavia with about 115,000 users, but I was pretty sure that we could support a million users, and indeed many more.  But could I prove it?

A few years ago Svetlin Petrov had attempted to show a massive GroupWise system at the Open Horizons Summit in The Hague.  He had multiple servers in a rack and ran a bulk import process.  At the end of 4 days or so he had imported a little over 600,000 users.

In my case it was a spur of the moment project and the only hardware I had available was a laptop to run a virtual machine and a couple of days to plan and actually create it; but I thought it was worth a go.

(This article was first published in OHM28, 1-2015, p5-7). Please SUBSCRIBE if you wish to view the complete article.

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