Ask The Experts: GroupWise [36]

Here is a selection of the questions that have crossed our desks in the last few weeks.

Q:  When I install a new update for Webaccess I do not see any errors, but when I login the version of Webaccess is not updated.

A: The update/install will put a new gw.war file on the server.  This is the file containing all the new files. Tomcat should unpack this file and put everything in the GW directory. When this doesn’t happen you can force Tomcat to unpack the files and make sure the new gw.war file is used.

To force this you must stop Tomcat and Apache. Then change to the /webapps directory under the Tomcat installation. In this directory remove the GW directory.  Now when you start Tomcat again a new GW directory will be created with the new files in it.

Start Apache and verify Webaccess is updated to the right version.

Q:  On large post offices DBcopy is taking a long time to run. Can we make this faster?

A:  There is a switch for DBcopy that disables the calculation of the total size of the source post office directory.  In most cases this is not needed and you can speed up DBcopy by adding the -k switch.

Q:   How can I transfer ownership of a shared folder to another user?

A:  When you are running 2014R2 SP1 or later code you can do this easily.

On a shared folder that you own right click and select Sharing.  In the dialog box you will see at the bottom that a new button is available called Transfer Ownership (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Transfer Ownership button

With this you can select any of the users already subscribed to the shared folder to be the new owner or select a user from the system addressbook (see figure 2) as the new owner of this folder.   The original owner can also decide whether to remain as a participant to the folder or forgo access altogether.

Figure 2: Selecting the new owner and composing the notification message

This sends a notification to the new owner and when the process has completed the folder icon will change accordingly from participant to owner in the new owner’s mailbox.


This article was first published in OH Magazine Issue 36, 2017/1, p36

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