Ask The Experts: ZENworks [37]

With the release of ZENworks 2017 I’ve obviously had some questions from customers about some of the new functionality. In this Q&A I’ll concentrate on branding and localisation issues.

Q: I like the new Branding Policy to make the ZAPP window look nice, but would it be possible to point the Help page to our IT portal?

A: I have received many questions and enhancement requests on ZAPP.  Some are more complicated than others but in general I recommend people to get their ideas posted on the ideas portal.  Just type ideas in the search bar on the main Micro Focus web page or directly go to

For this specific question on the help page, you will have seen that the help just opens the local help file. Just replacing the index.html file within \help\zapp_help with a custom page that points to your internal IT web pages will be the workaround for now.

Tip:  Here’s a tip one of my colleagues posted on Cool Solutions.  Just as with other policies you can specify requirements for the branding policy,  which can be used to adjust the branding in specific situations.

A simple example would be to have an Internal Branding policy for all locations except the Unknown location and a separate External Branding policy to show a different ZAPP branding if the PC is used outside the company network.

Figure 1: Configuring the branding policy

This article was first published in OHM Issue 37 (2017/2), p38-39.

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