Ask The Experts: GroupWise [39]

Q:  One of my users is reporting that, since yesterday, emails are no longer being synchronised to his mobile device. Appointments and contacts are still synchronised, and emails in one or two folders are still synchronised. In the groupwise-agent.log file, I see numerous messages of the type “Skipping item because it is in a disallowed folder” but as far as I am aware, no folders have been excluded from being synchronised. What could be wrong?

A:  Certain system folders, such as the Documents folder, are excluded from being synchronised. Check whether or not the user could have accidentally moved the Mailbox folder under the Documents folder. If this is the case just move the Mailbox folder back to be under the Home folder.

Q: My users are reporting that the GroupWise client is slow to work with. Opening mailbox items is slow and changing from one folder to another is also slow. The server utilisation is high, but in the HTTP interface for the POA I see no obvious reasons for this.  I have the feeling that there may be an issue with the QuickFinder indexes, but how can I prove or disprove that feeling?

This article was first published in Open Horizons Magazine, Issue 39, 2017/4, p37.

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