Vibe At The University Hospital Of Munich

Vibe delivers effective and secure team collaboration with full mobile support for ease of use.

The University Hospital of Munich (LMU), Germany, is a centre of high-end medicine, medical innovation and research, providing the best possible treatment to patients.  With more than 2.000 beds and 10,000 staff LMU is a highly advanced hospital with 45 clinics, institutes and departments covering all fields of medicine. With its two campuses in Grosshadern and in the city centre, it is one of the largest hospitals in Europe. Employees of the Medical Centre represent 90 countries while Hospital and Medical Faculty programmes support patient care and research projects in several countries around the world.

The Department of Medical Technology and IT (MIT) is responsible for supporting the IT infrastructure. Safeguarding the infrastructure operation, as well as information processing for healthcare, research, and teaching purposes, reflects its core business.



As patient data is held by the MIT department, security and data protection are extremely important. However, in an increasingly globalised world, it is vital that medical professionals can freely communicate and collaborate with other medical institutions in Germany, or elsewhere in the world. Since this type of collaboration often involved the exchange of data, it created compliance and privacy issues because security could be potentially compromised.

38-munich-primbs-2Jürgen Primbs, Project Manager for the hospital, explains the dilemma:

“We used SharePoint for our intranet, but this didn’t provide the opportunity to securely collaborate with external audiences. We were relying on a system of just telling people what they could and could not share.

“Patient data could obviously not be shared but working documents in a team environment could. We decided we needed more structure to allow for much better team collaboration.”


Micro Focus® Vibe was used elsewhere in the University Hospital and was recommended to Mr. Primbs by a colleague who had evaluated other collaboration solutions. Vibe is designed to bring people, projects, and processes together in one secure place to enhance team productivity.  Within two months, the MIT team was live with Vibe. Mr. Primbs notes:

“It was crucial for us that we could use Vibe out-of-the-box and that it would give us the platform support, in particular mobile, that we required. We liked that we didn’t need any programming knowledge and the set-up was a simple click-and-go process. Following implementation we were operational straightaway and Vibe soon became a key part of life for us.”

This article was first published in OHM Issue 38 (2017/3), p30-31.

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