A First Look At GroupWise TeamWorks

An Exclusive Component of Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging

You’ve been with GroupWise for a while, right?  Maybe you’re feeling it’s a bit dated.  After all—there are emerging trends in enterprise communication that look new and exciting.  These social enterprise networking trends promise everything from more employee productivity to the “death of email”.  But GroupWise is just email, right?  Wrong!

With Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging, you can now expand the functionality, security, and social enterprise networking abilities of GroupWise.  GroupWise TeamWorks (available only through Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging) brings the excitement and productivity of the latest social enterprise networking trends to GroupWise, without having to sacrifice the proven track record of email.  Rather—working together, GroupWise and GroupWise TeamWorks launch a new era for Micro Focus collaboration and proves you’ve invested in a solid, secure, and progressive communication platform built for modern and mobile enterprise messaging.

Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging?

First of all, let’s tackle what Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging is all about.  For those that have GroupWise and are current on maintenance—you now have two options with the release of GroupWise 18.  The first option is to just upgrade to GroupWise 18 and get all the benefits of integrated Messenger, better Filr integrations, and the renewal of the product lifecycle when it comes to support.

However, if you’re looking for the most that GroupWise can bring to your organization—you should upgrade to Micro Focus Enterprise Messaging.  This new product not only brings you GroupWise 18 (along with all the benefits there), but also a host of other features—like back-up and recovery of your GroupWise systems, archiving of email, better and easier mailbox management, antivirus, anti-spam—and to top it all off, the fun and functionality of GroupWise TeamWorks. (Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Micro Focus Enterprise messaging Suite

This article was first published in OHM Issue 38 (2017/3), p7-10.

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